About Us

Tamara Gabriel aka Vander Peter Pierre is the founder of From Rehab to Life Foundation and an author, singer songwriter, poet, radio-TV presenter, actor and voiceover artist who descended into the abyss of crime, violence and drug addiction, but found the strength, courage and support to ascend in life. Enriched by these experiences, he now seeks to empower those grappling with such challenges and to steer others clear from the mental and physical prison of torture, pain, anger, regret, remorse, resistance, guilt and shame. 

Our vision: To minimise drug addiction, violence and crime in local communities through holistic rehabilitation.

What we do: One of the central functions of the charity is a weekly gathering known as the Soup Kitchen – based in Central London, outside Toynbee Hall, Commercial St on Thursdays – a meeting of those in the community that offers so much more than the name might suggest. During this time those in need can come and receive two bags of dry goods groceries, a hot meal, fresh fruit and veg, along with pre-packed cooked meals. In addition there are shoes and clothing available, free haircuts and manicures when volunteers are available, counselling, benefits and services advice, referral for physical and psychological therapy, housing, rehabilitation centres, and work experience offered by partner organisations.  

Our goals: Despite the pressures and restrictions placed on outreach due to the Covid-19 Pandemic we hope to expand the work of the Soup Kitchen and open another branch in Islington in the near future.

We also hope to build on the therapeutic element of rehabilitation by building a stronger connection with the prison system, and recent and ex-offenders by offering group mentoring sessions and workshops.

Some of the provisions being distributed at the Thursday Soup Kitchen meeting
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