Spiritual Mental Wellbeing & Emotional Balance


From RehabTo Life Foundation is not only an educational tool in relation to crime and punishment, it is also a spiritual guide to improve mental well-being and emotional balance. This reduces crime and prevents family and relationship breakdowns which are so prevalent in our society today but promotes a better awareness of oneself and good citizenship, thereby cultivating a culture of care and responsibility.

From Rehab To Life Foundation aims to prevent as well as reduce drug and alcohol addiction and crime and violence in all ages, especially the young and to help those who are already caught up in these vices rise above the problem and live in the solution long term, by giving them the tools that they need in order to do so. We therefore allocate our resources to prisons, universities, mental-health institutions, hospitals, re-hab centres, schools, colleges as well as to the international audience.

From Rehab To Life Foundation is a non-profit organisation. All monies raised are reinvested into the charity.

Charity Number 1188034

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